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PUZZLE GAMES - Play Thinking Games on PikaGoo Want to play Thinking Games? Play circloO, Twenty, Mystical Birdlink and many more for free on PikaGoo The best starting point for discovering thinking games. Thinking Games Test your intellect with our monstrous collection of thinking games! We have every type of mind-bending, brainteasing challenge imaginable. You can enjoy classic and new puzzlers, from variations of Windows' Minesweeper to specially-themed Memory! Players of all ages can travel through winding mazes of varying difficulty. Use your mind to reign victorious, and don't let the computer fool you. Play mods of timeless favorites, and enter the 21st century with an endless supply of thinking adventures! Regardless of skill level, our thinking games are easy to learn. However, young and experienced gamers alike will be challenged to their fullest extent! Customize the difficulty level in math-based thinking games, and test the limits of your mind. Improve your skills, and set new records in blocks and balls challenges. Play everything from Tetris to Sudoku, and compete with your friends. Participate in drawing or seek & find challenges, and solve puzzles featuring word mysteries!